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It also takes into account Minsk casino kara listesi expectations around comfort, diagnostics and onboard entertainment – as well as societal pressures such as reducing environmental impacts and the availability of parking space in towns and Minsk casino kara listesi.

Minsk Casino Turu

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  1. How did you find the host or contact for the country you travelled to?

  2. Hi Dasha, the horse you were asking about at 4:37 was made out of “straw”. Hi Kyle, you are so far off the beaten path and all you show us is burgers and sushi, I could have that delivered in 5min. I can’t believe you said Belarusian food has too many potatoes in it! Go back to Vietnam man, Vietnamese food definitely doesn’t have too much rice in it. 🤦🏻

  3. If u go to new place u would try local food right?mcdonalds and sushi?stupid choice.girl not my type

  4. I like belarusian and the girls i going to belarusian soon this john betancur from Massachusetts usa. 😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. I have a girlfriend from Belarus and I think all Belarusian girl look gorgeous lol

  6. Yo, Kyle why did you hold back bro? Gotta express your feelings to Dasha. 😂

  7. Very impressive sightseeing tour. A beautiful and clean city. I am envious.

  8. Lets check Dasha, the capital of Belarus with a girl named Minsk.
    Did said it wrong? Omg!

  9. Дашу негр купил за чипсы….Ну и Даша…

  10. Ахах Даша уже 100% из своего минска уехала со своим иностранцем))

  11. Belle , Minsk . Vous avez de jolies filles .👍 From 🇫🇷

  12. Hey Kyle I love all of you travel shows your doing a really good job keep up the hard work

  13. This videos purpose was to show the modern aspects of Minsk, for more of daily life in Belarus please check out my other videos:

    1. Kyle Le Dot Net so why didn’t you tag her channel or Instagram?

    2. What documents does a traveler needs to travel to Belarus?..

  14. Kyle, can I ask you about minsk?
    I am planning to go to belarus to find a better job, by the way I am from Indonesia.

  15. Minks looks nice and Dasha is Gorgeous but she only wanted to go to high end and foreign places and no local Belarusian food or places to see, what a shame nobody wants to see you eating at T.G.I Fridays or sushi in Eastern Europe, people want to see the local culture not sushi and hamburguers

  16. I really didnt understood nothing about Minsk. Beauty of Dasha is amazing

  17. I have mixed feelings about Zoo . I hate to see animals caged and away from their natural environment.
    On the other hand, the animals are fed and in best accommodation, Children can see what they have read about in Books and online.
    I think 70% against 🤔
    As for Western fast food… I kinda like to go to traditional joints and avoid Irish Bars 😂 when abroad.

  18. In eastern side of europe she is average.there is some stunning girls in this areas thou.cant wait to go on holidays.ive wasted too much time in asia.boring girls there

  19. Sırf Belarus için İngilizce ana dilim gibi öğrenicem 😂

  20. dasha: i thought were going to cinnabon?
    me: didnt you just eat burger 🍔 ????

  21. Даша так прекрасна, что может легко превратить любого гея в правду

  22. You already know that he fell in love! Thats happens when you meet our beautiful Belarussian Girls! (;

    1. well thats just attraction and FYI I have already gf from Belarus her name is Sabina, and were going to meet soon

  23. Its dangerous, we Belarus girls are too pretty 😉

  24. Shes seem familiar.. is she the one from a vlog from an Irish?

  25. This dark blue station is a clone of the polish subway station Swietokrzyska in Warszawa.

  26. Bro it just looked like youre bragging because you are with her like 90% of the video.

  27. Dasha modelling Belarus, a Great tourism attraction

  28. SHES AMAZINGLY CUTE.. and sweet.. difinitely UKRAINIAN❤️

  29. This Belarusian Girl Dasha makes you forget about your Troubles in Life. Men in America would marry her and bring her home in a heartbeat.

  30. 5:17 Where she mentions she doesnt know what those hanging things are, thats Churchkhela! A traditional Georgian sweet made out of walnuts and Grape juice. I was so surprised to see them in Minsk!

  31. dasha is very beautiful would like to have learnt more about Minsk though

  32. Beautiful lady and looks more conservative..maybe ill try Belarus than ukrsine..

  33. Homeboy couldn’t resist the belarusian girl 😂. I wanted to see more Minsk! Not a slow mo on Dasha lmao

  34. Dasha looks sooooo bored! Dasha is not into this guy. Dasha is super cute. : )

  35. Amazing girl in America, regular Slavic woman there, I met my ex wife in Ukraine but next: Bielorrusia for sure!

  36. Everybody commenting how pretty Dasha is
    Dasha: to her friend, Have fun without me I had to eat a bunch of crap with him

  37. You can see shes not into him.. she wouldnt of got 1 sushi roll from me.

  38. come to Belarus to eat at McDonalds , yeah right, What do you call this material? he answers aaahhh

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