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Casino royale için tüm hile kodları – Aynalar kumarhane

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  1. Idiot from Northern Europe reraising with pocket jacks . Where do these players come from ? I bet he won’t last an hour

  2. The Asian lady on the right at 0:02 actually played a bond girl in a previous film in the 70s

  3. Лазар Ристовски одавно одустао….

  4. Madam Wu also was You Only Live Twice. Funny cause she was near Bond dying TWICE

  5. If he was bluffing, just call his 1mn bet! Bluff with a min raise!

  6. How come there’s no blood falling down the screen at the end of the video?

  7. This is me for mi6. Egan Aston Martins Yi King Hobs.

  8. The absolutely the most asinine poker hand ever depicted in film.

  9. For me Mads Mikkelsen is the best Villain in all James Bond Movies.

  10. Imagine Phil Hellmuth, all I’m going to say. 🙏🏼🤣🌹🙏🏼

  11. I’d love to see Le Chiffre’s reaction to Bond turning over pocket kings

  12. Нечего не понял, но было интересно

  13. he went all in with 4 jacks honey this idiot doesnt even know how to spell poker

  14. I like how Leschifre looks at the dealer at 1:03 after he says:It’s up to you.
    Gave him that scary look that means:Don’t talk you moron!
    Cracks me up

    1. @Sophie Cooper I agree he is definitely a very talented actor.

    2. Thats Madss incredible acting, you should see him as Hannibal, he does these micro expressions on his face that tell more than some actors do with their whole body

  15. The winner will face God of Gambler in the next stage.

  16. I prefer Putin has 2 aces to win by Full House Aces Kings

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  18. Dont you usually say the re-raise amount ?
    Raise 500k
    Re-raise 500k (instead of 1 mil)
    Re-raise 1 mil (instead of 2 mil)
    Like you say the amount added to the previous raise not the total?🤔

  19. People who want to stay alive play it safe.
    -Diana rigg Tracy (ohmss)

  20. あれ?途中までナマハゲも参加してなかったっけ?

  21. aaayyeee 9yrs ago has past but still come back here to watch it again.

  22. They handing full houses and four of a kind for free. In actual play, they are so rare.

  23. there is something similar in many of James bond movies … irrespective whatever mission James bond is assigned they have to do some gambling ….

  24. It would have been better if Le Chiffre had had pocket aces instead. Aces full, Mike, ummm sorry, I meant Mr. Bond.

  25. Cringe. Why don’t they consult a poker player before coming up with these stupid scenes.

  26. Best bond movie ever, daniel is the best james bond

  27. I have played in $5 dollar games .., and the tension was just as high as shown here 😊

  28. That was a good game . Hope you had fun playing against me Mr. Bond

  29. My $3000 cc card just got delivered to me today. Wow Beastclone telgrim youre number 1 cc vendor 🙏🙏

  30. I made a tutorial on what Le Chiffre does with his Jetons/poker chips.

  31. Can the dealer be quiet dealers don’t talk in high roller games unless they have to bit odd why they added that in to the movie maybe just to fill the silence

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