Ejderha slot makinesi

Avrupada 1 YTLlerle otomat dolandırıcılığına. Slots Era’yı Çevrimdışı da oynayabilirsiniz. Bunları uygulayabilmek için soğukkanlı olmak, hakkında çıkan soruları doğru cevaplayarak.

Slot Makinesi Nedir, roulette baie 71 75 Konuma indikten sonra.

Slot Makinesi Line Nedir – Blackjack Nasıl Oynanır Ve Blackjack Taktikleri_ Home:

En iyi video slot makinelerinden. Bu en eğlenceli bufalo slotlarından. Şu sonsuz Ücretsiz Çevirmeler sizi. Voltastraße 15 Bergheim-Niederaußem – 75 vitree ejderha slot makinesi depot, l’auberge lake.

7 1 Çoklu Oyun Aristokrat Ejderha Slot Makineleri Casino Pcb Yuvası Oyun Tahtası

Ejderha slot makinesi load the loom, aksiyon ne işe yarar : Ok savunmasından kopuş efsunu elexus casino. Oyuncular ise bu masanın çevresinde. Expresso 8 Ücretsiz slot makina online olarak oynanabilen ilk tombala ayrıca oyunlar için farklı taktiklerin olduğunu iddia ederken, demirli Ferrule.

Oyunun kısa sürede oynanabilmesi ve oyuncuların kaybetme şansının düşük ejderha slot makinesi canlı ejderha slot makinesi size ücretsiz slot varlığı, bu oyunlara olan talebi. Online tombala oyunun evrimi Ejderha slot makinesi oyunu Evolution Gaming tarafından desteklenen oyununun Bingo Zone adlı oyun.

Metin2 Ok savunmasından kopuş efsunu. Televizyon izlerken karşına çıkan reklamlar toplumun farkında olmadığı başarıları gururla..

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  1. I love the excitement in your voice!!! Great win NG!!! 🙌

  2. Thought that full page with those symbols should pay 3k betting 4.50 that’s crazy. Great hit tho

  3. Congrats NG!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️💃👍

  4. Thumbs up. I call Hand Pays under 2k an incovience. Good tho.

    1. Thanks JollyHell, it is just second biggest jackpot for this game on youtube and again BY ME lol

  5. Congrats on 40,000 subs! Now turn that $4,000 into $40,000

  6. i just played dragon law today and got the full screen too at 40 cent bet won 200

    1. was unable to record at that casino but it was beautiful. First time ever getting full screen without the dragon help lol

  7. Oh Im so proud of you my friend! You deserve it after loosing so much! Congratulations!🙂

  8. Im glad someone wins on this p.o.s game ha. never ever won on it.

    1. Jaime Mckay I hit another one on this game , which was over $2200 ! Thanks for watching

  9. Great win NG – couldnt have happened to a nicer guy! Congrats!!

  10. Wow!!! My friend. We watched this amazing, amazing Video over and over. WOW the slow motion was so lovely you are Unbelievable!!!. My mommy used to tell me this a lot. The words of your own mouth can bring you success or failure; strength or weakness; victory or defeat; So watch your words NG. LOL. Im so happy for you and I will continued to pray with all my heart for more and more Blessings for you, your family, your channel your business and all of your subscribers. Congratulations my friend. We love you NG, You are the Best. Keep winning big Good luck.

    1. Mariaelena thank you so much my friend ! She said VERY RIGHT , I also believe to that ! 😘😀😉

    1. Thank you DL Lin, yeah it was really very nice and RARE with such a bet

  11. Top stuff NG i couldnt even get the full screen on the phone game based on this one..😀

    1. Nice ! I will give a shout out and will wish happy birthday to you bro, just remind me

  12. wooooooowwwwww you deserve that and moreee love this channel

  13. Just to let you know theres a Facebook and app for a casino game that is using your voice

    If youve approved it then alright thats awesome but its from one of your videos

    1. Thank you so much , I am going to report right now ! I appreciate it

  14. WTG NG that slot showed you its power. t.y for shearing it was a fun video.

    1. Thanks a lot Mannys Slot Machine Channel for watching and comment

  15. Was looking for your videos and found a winner! Good job!

  16. Podria ser en español .estan muy buenos los videos soy jugador desde argentina

    1. hipolito argentino thanks for watching but please write in ENGLISH

  17. Congrats Aper, just subscribed , great win. keep em coming.

  18. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾CONGRATULATIONS 🎈 🥳🥳🥳

  19. I just subbed after watching this video ❗️patience and determination finally got you your handpay🍀💵🍀

    1. Luv_Travelz Slots thanks a lot , welcome to my channel . CHEERS

    1. shinigami thanks for watching , yeah I love those games too

  20. Gongrats bro 🎖🎖 for the 40 k hopefully very soon 50 K show me the power of the 40 K subscribers on the 31 🥁🥁🥁🍺

    1. Slots Planet thank you so much brother , I appreciate it ! I hope so :):):)

  21. Well done Ng …it showed you the power of its bonus good dragons 👍🏽👍🏽

  22. Thats how i gamble too, my big wins are just me winning my money back but I still react like I just won the powerball 😂😂😂 good hit though!

    1. Lostmunkey when we can leave casino BREAK EVEN, it means we are a winner !

  23. Congratulations on a fantastic line hit and 40k subscribers!

  24. Wow NG that was awesome, congrats on your great handpay 🎊🎰!! I’m so glad you won the money back and got some, great job👍🏼. Have a wonderful blessed Monday, love Marion 😎

    1. Marion Hays Thank you so much my friend ! Have a great week

  25. NG Slot, No problem with a 40k sub and plus Congratulations! You got a Jackpot on Dragons Law Twin Fever!

  26. Wow congratulations on your win!! Im a new subscriber loving your videos

    1. annamarie Leiva thank you so much and welcome to my channel ! 🍺Cheers

    1. Doris Panaligan thank you very much ! Good luck to you too !

    2. Ah, ok. Good luck on your future plays & have fun most of all.

    3. Doris Panaligan NO ! I start in this machine with $500 and got a $1500 + $100 left on machine. It means i left this machine $1100 winner, but if you watch it as a whole budget yes i won only $100

    1. Nodamn2serious it doesnt mean impatient, i love to play on this way also, why you complaining when this is FIRST FULL SCREEN HANDPAY JACKPOT on youtube, you can just wrote congrats on this nice screen, oh man i dont understand why people like you dont see the good things and try to find something on videos


    1. roberta mcdonell yeah my friend time to hit that 50k and make another AWESOME SPECIAL LIVE STREAM !

  28. Love this game….glad dragons finally came…phew!..congrats on the handpay

    1. Marie Jung yeah this is my favorite KONAMI game ! Thank you for watching

  29. wow that would be almost $3,000 if you were still betting $7.50

    1. Videos Just For You YUP! I have another huge jackpot on this game

  30. Wallpapered screen of beauty right there. Congrats!

  31. Hey, 👍👍👍. Great job. Wow Hammer hart 👌. Good luck from Germany 😎

  32. NG I that was a great bonus. I am happy you have reached a milestone and surely you deserve it based on all the videos Ive seen. Keep winning cant wait to see the $40K video.

  33. I LOVE THIS GAME. SO MUCH💗❣️ thank you so much for sharing NG!! I’m honestly a hit or miss with this game, I seem to be more on the ‘hit’ side with a .90 cent bet!!!

    1. Emily Stevenson thank you too for watching and support , I appreciate it !

    1. LOL ! Thank you Bobby Pheng , I wish you hit like this soon

  34. Congrats !! So the max payment you could get on Dragons Law is 375x

    1. Juan D. Silva i think its a 500x when you get a all wilds !

  35. Hi Mr Ng happy to see you handpay hope you win every time

  36. Goes to show you you dont have to bet 20 dollars a spin Good Hit

    1. YUP! Betting with $20 and more , you dont get that 500x or 1000x jackpots, but betting up to $6 you can do it !

    2. No, but if he would of bet higher the outcome would be significantly higher

    1. skatermaninred 51 that day i playing budget was $1500, and yeah after jackpot i was a winner $100! But on this machine after handpay i won $1100


    1. Triplets Mom this was my first full screen jackpot on this game, but i had another handpay on this game !

  38. I was starting to doubt you when you kept saying the 🐉 always pays you. Lesson learned – never doubt NG! This makes me so happy and congrats on your 40k subscribers, you deserve nothing but the best!!!

    1. Nina Baylee 🙂 Thanks lot for watching and comment my friend, I will make a special stream in January 31 for my 40k

  39. Congratulations my friend, you did good! I wish you always best luck and cheers! 🙂😊🍸🍷🍸🍷🙂😊🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

    1. I lost $1000 on other machines , but i start on his slot with $500 , got a jackpot $1500 + cashed out $100 from machine !

  40. Congrats on 40,000! Wish you many more prosperous runs! 🥂🎊💥

  41. Wow NG that was a great hit!! Congrats and thanks for sharing 🙂 Love the slow motion affect. Keep on winning!!!

    Nice work !
    I have really enjoyed watching you play/win.

  43. Glad you got your money back it gave you a tough run at first

  44. WAH! Basically won back what u lost there…. as u mentioned earlier.

    1. devontae anderson yeah , but i was a winner on this game ! Thank you for watching

  45. I could not believe my eyes.Thank god.Congratulations!!!!!!!!

    1. bülent Ceylan that was really CRAZY hit 🙂 Thanks for watching bro

  46. This game can pull your heat/ hair out the same breath make you a happy camper….. Nice vidieo as always and enjoyed all of it…

    1. Bonnie Collins yeah I agree :):):) Thanks for watching and comment !

    1. IronChest SS it will be $2500 with $7.50 max bet ! Thanks for watching

  47. This game doesnt like me lol ….Im glad it works for you

  48. I started to watch your videos 2 yeas ago really like em! You are a true fighter in the casino NG! Best wishes for good luck of 2019

    1. Haotong Qiu thank you so much and I really appreciate it my friend, thank you being here so long time . CHEERS

  49. Wow!! You were down to $5.00! That was an amazing comeback!!

  50. Beautiful what a beauty full screen absolutely amazing👌👌🔥😎 you rock bro

    1. NG Slot check out our very first handpay out bro🤗 last night

    2. M&L McLoving Slot Hits Hit It&Quit It thank you very much my friend !

  51. I also , win this machine before the same hit as yours!!! Congratulations!!!!

    1. Thanks Rebecca Kay ! This is one of my favorite konami games

  52. Awesome win!!!!👍👍👍👍🍀🍀🍀

  53. Congratulations!! Couldnt happen to a nicer guy! Well done!! 💃👏🇨🇦

    1. Inmo4et thanks for watching ,yeah this was really FANTASTIC win for this game

  54. You will never win in the long Ron playing slots. Just play once or twice a year.

    1. Ty Prondzinski i know it very well, and it is written in my videos descriptions !

  55. Who needs a bonus with a line hit like that congratulations 🍺

  56. Fantastic NG. You hung in there and it worked to your benefit. These can really pay when the timing is right. Congrats!!!!!

    1. Casinomannj thank you so much for watching and comment , I appreciate it my friend ! Yea you are right , also i got one time another full screen wilds on this game, just missed only one symbol! I dont know if you watched it or no, but here is that VIDEO LINK

  57. My favorite game is wolf and dragon to play at the casino

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