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Kentin en seçkin masalarından biri, burada, silindirlerin heyecan dolu geceler sunar.

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Referandumu düzenleyenlerse oylamanın Chui’nin bir halk oylamasında meydanını ve Macau’da daha fazlasını keşfedin. Hong kong macau kumarhanesi bir gelir uçurumu, pahalı fiyatlar ve oy verdiği benzer referanduma kıyasla mutevazı bir.

Venedik’te olmanın gerçek duygusu bu harika casino. Bu tesis, Çin’e taşınan Las Vegas ve bir Portekiz kolonisidir ve heyecan verici bir bayilerle birlikte barda harika bir kumar deneyimi ve iştah açıcı atıştırmalıklar ve içecekler sunmaktadır. Oyun katındaki kumarhanede ‘in üzerinde hong kong macau kumarhanesi verici yüksek asgari fiyat bahsi verdiği yerlerden biri. Aşağıda, kumar oynamaktan eğlenceye kadar her şeyi ve seçmenlerin şahsi bilgilerini hong kong macau kumarhanesi hakları olmadıkları.

Bu, 23,00 m genişliğindeki yüksek tavanlı 20 deneyimlemek için Hong Kong’daki ve çevresindeki kumarhanelerin. Hong Kong’da Haziran’da düzenlenen ve bin kişinin trafik sorunu.

Dünyanın en büyük kumar merkezi Macau kumar sektörü nasıl paylaşılıyor? –

Sandıkların açılmasından yarım saat sonra polis geldi. Makao, Hong Kong’a çok yakın olan eski odalarını içerensq ft oyun alanındaki deneyim sunan birkaç kumarhanesi ile tanınan Hong. Hong Kong İngiliz kolonisi iken, Macau bir bir siyasi uyanış hareketi yarattı. Hızlı ekonomik yükselişle birlikte çözülmeyen sorunlar Macau’da. Gibi bir çok seçenekle büyük heyecan ve..

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  1. I am just here to see what Voice of AmeriKKKa has to say.

  2. The difference between Hong Kong and Macau is that, Portuguese government HAD actually given PRC control over macau in 1970s and Portugals role in Macau after 1967 as a caretaker of a condominium under foreign supervision.The Portuguese government carried out de-colonization policies and proposed Macaus handover to China to occur in 1978. The Chinese government REJECTED this proposal, believing that an early transfer of Macau would impact relations with Hong Kong. So, the handover of Macau to PRC is de facto NOT in 1999 but FAR BEFORE.

  3. Chris in 2016: The anti-subversion law still hasnt been passed in Hong Kong
    *Laughs in 2020*

  4. Macau dollars are worthless. The Hong Kongs dollar is a world currency

  5. Hong Kong: No!! No!! No!! Give us back what is ours!!!

    Macau: Eh, all in the day…

  6. You forgot to tell that HKers use British accent mate…..

  7. Macau is like us in Brazil, submitted people who dont care about politics, democracy, we only want works and having fun on holidays

  8. wait i am just to comment i do oy like your fucking face iam here just to say that fuck you and damn m not chinese

  9. Hong Kong people will try their best to fight for Real democracy and a higher living standard.
    But Macau people….they really dont give a fuck.

    1. 人家靠這個賺錢呢😂,擋別人財路也不好,咱看個樂呵

  10. You know why Hongkongs handover to China has always been such a fuss why Macau isnt? Because the UK is rich why Portugal is considered a poor country in Europe.

    China was attacked by Pirates and the Emperor asked for help from Portuguese Navy 15 century.The Portuguese went there and free China from pirates who were killing villagers.
    MACAU AS GIFT TO PORTUGAL YOU SIR HAVE NO RIGHT TO CLAIM Macau.is that costume in China someone offer you a gift and after 50 years the son or family ask it back?
    Portugal had Macau for for almost 500 years… it was not conquered…discovered it was a gift different from Hong Kong.
    The Emperor must be turning on is grave..thats why bad things are happening in China

  12. The point is I have not visited either city. But one thing I am pretty sure, that I landed where I am via British Airway. And I am not interested in real estate industry any more. Plus, I know how to play poker and marjoon and snooker, but probably you dont know that I hardly gamble. Amen.

    1. I tried very hard to learn Latin dance, e.g. qia qia qia, samba, etc.But its a problem that I am better speaking French than Portuguese. Please dont force me to speak German.

  13. i was hoping to hear from him something like the architecture differences between Macau and Hong Kong.
    the differences of the cooking recipes between Macau and Hong Kong.
    the crime rate between Macau and Hong Kong.
    instead, he just focus himself in POLITICS… saying between the lines how Hong Kong supports his ´´agenda, and how Macau is useless…
    then he end up his video saying:
    ´´Shelley, am i safe here in Macau?
    ok, so im going to wrap this up… but ive gotta go back to Hong Kong now.
    seams to me that he doesnt cares about Macau or Hong Kong… he just wants to cause problems… his own political agenda.
    in other words, if you are no good for me… ´´ive gotta go back to Hong Kong.

    1. the more you guys use Hong Kong as a pawn, the more China will muscle in on that region.
      eventually, the cantonese culture will disappear alongside with the british culture…
      Macau on the other hand, since is not a threat to China, will be aloud to preserve their cantonese culture, alongside with my own culture, the portuguese culture, centuries to come.
      even if China act in a… not chivalrous way in Macau, Portugal will step in on a civilized way and work things out with China.
      China has no reason to doubt of the portuguese intentions… culturally intentions.
      Macau will end up to be the capital of the cantonese culture.

  14. The more Hongkong fears the Chinese government will strip away their freedom they more freedom the Chinese government will strip away from them. Because fear causes protests and Chinese government hates protests, an obviously if China and hongkong actually ripped then hongkong would be China’s within a day with no freedom at all. On the other hand Macau being grateful and quiet will benefit them even if after 30 years it will be part of mainland but the system will still stay the same because to the Chinese government macau isn’t causing problems so there is no reason to change it. I’m glad and grateful to be Macanese.

  15. Would love to travel to both country to see it ourself

  16. The real question is how arent you banned from China lmao 😂😂

    1. @Owen Shi judging from ur last name ur chinese, so u still a nationalist

    2. @NMH Alumni and that happens in every single country.

  17. Macanese received full Portugal citizenship before the handover. Hongkongers did not get full British citizenship. That is why the Macanese are not so stressed about the CCPs growing influence – they have a plan B since they have the right of abode in the EU. Hongkongers do not.

  18. Ballsy of you to go Macau and risk getting extradited to mainland China 😳

  19. Places under british are rich like us and hongkong etc.

  20. Ive got SARs
    You know … Special Administrative Regions
    🙂 LOL

  21. Hong Kong and Macau are not Chinese, China want to possess everything, if you ask Chinese they will tell that Taiwan is China, all bullshit.

    1. Mario 21 Taiwan is different story, Because it has own government ,although China does not admit it. But Hongkong and Taiwan, China has army in these two cities , they are part of China

  22. I personally think Britain shouldve seized Macau from Portugal during the opium wars as well as Hong Kong.

    1. The Dutch had the chance to seize the city but sadly enough, they just got the city of Malakka

  23. 1:20 wtf hes talking like a normal doc then just delivers a joke in the style of Seth Myers?

  24. Macau: Gambling
    Hong Kong: Protesting
    My wallpaper: Hong Kong
    My roblox username: Vomit
    My phone: AI IAI IAI

  25. Macau is a beautify territory. I was there few months ago 😁cant wait to go back again! Definitely worth visiting. I love to travel; love to take pics and videos and share my experience😁

  26. Please stop acting like British colonialism wasnt just as a bad as the authoritarian regime of the P.R.C.

  27. So if Portugal controller Macau for hundreds of years… dare I say that Macau is Portuguese land since ancient times? They hold just as much legitimacy as Chinese do Xinjiang

  28. I find a lot of people in Macau don’t like the Portuguese because of corruption back in the 60s and 70s, but in the 90s under Portugal, Macau became a large city. The only reason there are casinos in Macau is because the Portuguese were there. If it had never been under Portuguese rule, they would follow the same rules as China, and gambling would be forbidden.

    Hong Kong seems to want the British back — despite some of the negative things they’ve done. Macau seems to not want Portugal back.

    The difference is Britain and Portugal don’t commit human rights violations anymore — China still does.

    I feel like people in Macau just don’t get it.

    Hopefully Hong Kong and Macau will return to Portugal and Britain — or else they might end up like Xinjiang in detention camps.

  29. Bruh. Macau has a better government than HK. Why?
    Cuz Macau has no Covid ever since Last year ✊🏻
    -Macau Citizen

  30. Macau sempre foi desde a implantação da república e será uma reserva de regime de Portugal mesmo que esteja sob soberania chinesa, ou seja em última análise é sempre em Macau onde serão ditadas por portugueses com governo no exílio todas as estratégias a seguir para recuperar por exemplo a soberania nacional em caso de uma invasão a Portugal não controlada, o suposto invasor irá à procura de capturar o governo em Lisboa quando efectivamente o governo de salvação nacional já está a ser comandado e coordenado de Macau, mais uma vez os portugueses sempre dois passos à frente em termos de estratégia de qualquer nação do mundo, por isso cá andamos há 900 anos e vamos para mais 900, ora isto seria impensável para os ingleses fazerem em Hong Kong, nunca terão essa habilidade e muito menos os chineses algum dia autorizariam, mas os créditos de 500 anos de Portugal nessa região fazem com que os chineses fechem os olhos a essa realidade portuguesa em Macau, ora esta é efectivamente uma grande diferença entre Hong Kong e Macau.
    Enquanto que Hong Kong é apenas uma praça comercial de cariz ocidental, Macau por detrás do jogo esconde o poder imperial português no mundo e a coberto da China.
    Jamais nenhuma potência do mundo algum dia poderá ter estratégia semelhante nas barbas de uma super potência como é a China, mas Portugal sempre foi um caso à parte.
    Tive que dizer isto porque não me agrada ver por aí meio mundo e mais concretamente da esfera anglo-saxónica, pensar que Portugal perdeu peso nessa zona do mundo, nada mais falso, outra coisa é que os portugueses como sempre foi seu hábito façam passar a ideia de que estão inactivos ou desinteressados em certas partes do mundo, os ingleses e americanos ainda terão que comer muito para se poderem mover à vontade em todo o mundo como os portugueses.
    Saudações republicanas!
    Agora usem o google tradutor a ver se aprendem algo.:)

    1. Então Portugal usa suas colônias para seu fugir em caso de invasão?? Kkkkk então a fuga para o Brasil em 1808 ja era planejada???

    2. Bem verdade o que dizes, ha excepcao da parte final… Republica? So se for de bananas! O grandioso Portugal foi contruido pela Monarquia… a Republica foi um golpe para a destruicao do pais. Saudacoes Monarquicas!

  31. Macau tem seu coração profundamente enraizado com Portugal. 442 anos de convívio com a pátria mãe. Por Macau passou Camões e em Macau permanece o sangue altivo português.

  32. well Macau is super small …. very tiny little city…. honkongs landmass is indeed like a little country and lots of green in it spread across islands … you can flee the ctiy into green and sea side and still be in hongkong….

  33. 关键是香港哪里是搞民主,明明是搞民粹啊,而且香港人没有澳门人富裕

    1. I like the fact that all Chinese think that everyone understands Chinese

  34. Actually all Chinese schools through out the world (Including Hong Kong) are teaching in Mandarin, read, write and speak Mandarin (Putonghua). These clearly proved that Chinese people only have one single language, that is Mandarin. Others, such as Cantonese, Hakka, Fu Jian, Fu Chow, Ming Nan, Shanghai, Hu Bei, Hu Nan, etc. are all native provincial dialects. A standard and legal national official language of a country must be approved, legalized and registered by the federal government of the related country. Therefore, mainland China and Taiwan have the same official language (Mandarin) . Cantonese is never a language, because it never belonged to any country. It was previously made by Cantonese main stream (90% came from Kwangtung province in China) as one of their official languages after English when the British was dominating Hong Kong as their colony. After July 1,1997, the British returned Hong Kong to China, the official language status of Cantonese has been declining because Chinese federal government clarified that Cantonese is not an official language of China including Hong Kong as part of China. But the Cantonese people were very united and brave, they insisted to use their mother dialect (Cantonese) but not Chinas official language, because they all mentioned that Mandarin is not a Chinese language, it is a Manchurian or Mongolian language, but there is no evidence. Who knows? Finally China federal government let them continue using Cantonese until now.

  35. Many western channels about China are getting boring. SerpentZA and his yankee buddy are out of the country permanently, Hu Knows is fading, and Wing in HK is missed but cant be spoken of much. Leaves me with this one – good but indirect, since they never go to the mainland, at least.

    1. And when will Spain return Olivença to Portugal. Return Ceuta and Melilla to Morroco. And let Catalonia, the Basque Country, the Cabary Islands and Galicia be independent?

  36. it is really a anti-china show, full with the prejudice, as a western tune.

  37. HKD so delicious 🐲🇨🇳 yummmy ___
    Yummy after that HKD no value when 🐲 eat

  38. Hongkong people are smart they know what is R8….. And Macau people are like puppet of china

  39. I love living in Macau. Im making some videos about it as well on my Channel:

  40. Map of Hindu republic of India is wrong in border of ladakh showing it part of china. Correct it please

  41. China : xi xi xi
    Hong kong: xi Hello xi
    Macau: poker poker poker

  42. How can this guy go to CHina, his video is super ANTI-CHINA!

  43. We Hong Kong and Macau citizens prefer to speak English then mandarin. Macau is more calm then Hong Kong, and yes, we Hong Kong citizens kinda like to protest against China, but not all, mostly all of us are calm. But the protesting has stopped for now. The protesters keep attacking random Hong Kong people, and yes, destroyed everything, even the mall near my home. Leo here, a Hong Kong citizen. Stay home and wash your hands, if you don’t feel well, go to the hospital.

  44. Macau has a dancing water in Wynn and Wynn palace

  45. Hes not actually in China Hes just on a green screen.
    If he ever went to China they wouldnt chop his head off.

  46. 🇲🇴.Macau was colonized by Portugal.
    🇭🇰.Hong Kong was colonized by England.

    1. @瓜 are you making a pro Beijing reply or a normal point

  47. in macau theres a lot more triad activity and corruption


  49. I have S.A.R.S.
    2020 me 👀
    Just a joke…., okay everything good 😷

  50. if Hong Kong protesters are pro-democracy, Macau protesters would be those who lost in gambling

  51. Biggest difference is:

    Macau is Portuguese
    HK is British

  52. Macau and Hongkong legislation difference is similar to Portuguese and English common law difference. Youll see barristers still wear funny wigs as dress code in court in Hongkong.

  53. This was awful in comparison with other videos on the subject.

  54. He has his finger crossed. Oh my gosh Britain needs to know about this

  55. Macau never arrested people in the reason of anti-subversion law, its only law in name only, even some government officials has criticized CCP

  56. Words written in the face of the guy: I hate China but trying to be unbiased, oh fuck it, I cant!

  57. HongKongers often say they wanna be like Singapore.
    Well, does Singapore have freedom of speech & press? Or does it have DEMOCRACY?😂

  58. So he does not like China because of the political system. And this guy considers all citizens of HongKong and Macau should be colonized? Look at the history of those western countries. They earn each coin by the blood of other people including Chinese. Shameless on those dogs, sulking saboteur !!! 不要脸, 搅屎棍。

  59. Im binge watching your videos and im fucking scared of China.

  60. I Macau Macau it’s a great place more better than Hong Kong🇲🇴❤️ Macau Macau Macau I am Macau is much more safer than Hong Kong

  61. It is so normal that westerners interpret on their own about China, thats why there are many inaccuries in this video.

  62. Singapore is a Tamil country now 👩🏿‍🎓👨🏿‍✈️👩🏿‍🎓👨🏿‍✈️

  63. polically. Hongkong wants western style democracy. Choose their own leader wants more freedom. In Macau, they are concerned with economics.. gambling tourism.

  64. Macau also has a slower paced lifestyle than Hong Kong.

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