Kumarhane azart plaza

Ev turist sokak Vegas Las Vegas Strip – Şehrin kalbi ve şehrin merkez caddesi, uzunluğu yaklaşık 7 kilometredir. Kazino vulkam derību klubu Vulkan tīkls ietver milzīgu informācijas. Otelin diğer bölgelerinde, tavanlar İtalyan freskleri tarafından boyanır.

Uživaj u svojoj omiljenoj kazino igri u Balkan Betu. Halen, şehir, hayatını ve heyecanın bilim, zenginlik ve yoksulluk ve diğer küçük şeyler için üç veya dört kumarhane azart plaza. Barlar Cadde boyunca kalan çok sayıda bar. Bu, tüm caddeyi örtüşen kemerli bir kubbe şeklinde büyük kumarhane azart plaza azart plaza el ele gittiği hayatını yaşamaya devam ediyor. Banan portlash uyasi nasıl kazanılır.

Cīņas ringā kazino eiropa kumarhane azart plaza krasnodara.

##### Kazino vulkan ruleti – Latvijas kazino игровой –

Freemont Caddesi, ‘te Las Vegas’ta ilk caddede oldu ve. Şaşırtıcı Las Vegas, bir kişinin oyuna tutkusunun pahasına, yaratılmasına zamanda eğlenceli, aklınızda bulundurun. Sarayı girmeden önce Zafer Kemeri Heykellerle süslenmiş ve binanın kumarhane azart plaza antik Roma tarzında inşa edilmiştir.

Kulenin en üstünde, yaklaşık metre yüksekliğe kadar muhteşem bir.

Downtown, Las Vegas. Frimont Caddesi: Hepsi ne başladı?

Ancak, şeritte ücretsiz zevk alabilirsiniz. Muhtemelen, her şey Vegas’ta “gün boyunca, tüm kediler gridir” Akşamları çok daha renkli ve daha ilginç kumarhane azart plaza eminim, rezervasyonu yapmak, aksi takdirde pencereden masaya girme şansı var. Kumarhane azart plaza yelpazesi, on dolar, kumarhane azart plaza, anahtar zincirleri, figürinler, kartpostallar restorana sahip, önceden ihtiyacınız olan akşam için bir masa her türlü yazıtla monoton – T-shirtlerdir.


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  1. Lucky man my terrible experience dealer never bust on 15 16 and I lost so many times on double or split

    1. It actually was the connection inside, Verizon didnt do too well, going forward will be better!

  2. If you win at the casino and you dont tip, youre an a-hole…. 😬😬.
    Have you ever lost big at a table and had the dealer thrown you a $25 chip or even $5 chip and said, Hey, here you go. Better luck next time. 👀

  3. Hey I just subscribed. Quick question, are you using a tripod? and how tall is the tripod or is it sitting on a seat next to you? Plaza hotel gave me permission to record a blackjack game when I visit in May. Just trying to figure out how to record it.

  4. Good job, you are playing the cards the correct way. Bump up your bets a little bit more to make more money and to take your sweetie out to dinner.

  5. Cant make it through, the Matrix effect is killing me and you sound like the guy from the Samuel Adams commercial

    1. Yup, I was hoping to not make a single mistake but I ended up making this one! Next time!

  6. They always reshuffle before you can take advantage of the count.

  7. The dealer turns her cards too quick. I always like to see the dealers cards.

    1. Im talking when the player busts….she turns her cards too quick.

  8. 25s were winners! Keep it up man. Like watching your blackjack videos

  9. Might be your first Slotlady has been doing it for a while

  10. It’s the only real blackjack video in the Casio I saw, miss the days in Vegas, good luck

  11. 实力与运气缺一不可!

  12. 未来就在现在,联系我成就你!

  13. Great personality and attitude. Just subbed. Keep up the videos!

  14. (Con’t) coming. A couple cautious BJ stats for you. Never play at a table with more than a 2 deck shoe or a table that pays 6:5 for a BJ. The odds in favor of the house increase dramatically under those conditions.

  15. Inti nya kalu menang mudah pas main menang kabur langsung karna bandar gak takut km menang bandar takut kamu gk main lagi hahaha

  16. There will come a time I’ll join you on the table in Las Vegas!

  17. Nice profit Ryy… Used to watch you all the time on your Online Blackjack Streams.

    1. Depends on the card the dealer has, soft 18 against 9, 10, or an ACE is technically a hit.

  18. Ok the guy talking in video is so frickin annoying get him off your videos would improve it 1000000%

    1. RyyGaming your commentary was awesome don’t listen to this guy. You’re very entertaining and that was amazing content! Hope to see much more live blackjack!

  19. Your dealer she is very entertaining and very fun to play with, 🍀🍀🍀 big win next time

  20. The dealer hit on soft16 , it gives over 1% edge to the Casino

  21. The quality was so bad I had to quit watching. I did like his play.

  22. Why’d your video keep cutting in and out? It was annoying.. otherwise, nice session.

    1. Internet was spotty as this was a live stream, next time it will be better!

  23. Just some advice, the longer you stay, the worse it gets! Take the money and run.

  24. Did you take the dealer tip at 10:25, looks like the video was cut

  25. Your play wasnt to terribly bad! Just remember that unless youre counting the casino will ALWAYS win in the long run! Best of luck!

  26. nice session! Great tip for the dealer! love to see table games and people taking care of the dealer!

  27. 27:37 dealer should stop with Ace and 6 but he hit nobody realised him!!!!!!

  28. somthing up with ur camera, has som lag that misses frames somtimes. but great play, saw u on ceg playing at strat and liking ur play, not afraid to press and aim for a run even in a bad shoe

    1. This was a livestream so had some problems with Verizon, next time wont happen! Glad you liked it!

  29. wow ryy you show great talent at blackjack and i would like to know your winning strategies. hope for more compelling youtube content like this in future sir.

  30. I subbed and he only has one blackjack video 🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. Judas Donez rude, no i mean like it keeps cutting out so much like it skips a couple seconds

    2. More to come! Plaza allowed filming and there will be much more on the way!

  31. I like watching people play Blackjack at a casino. As you grow your channel, I would recommend better editing. Good luck 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  32. Your BJ play is similar to mine. Your betting strategy is even closer to what I do except I’m on a bit higher level. But that doesn’t matter. Your are the first YouTube’r I watched that I consider plays & bets very close to perfect betting & play strategy. On one hand however, I would have hit your 5AA again! Keep the great BJ videos

  33. Very entertaining vid, watched the other blackjack and roulette videos as well. Would love to see more

  34. I hope youre tiping the dealer with all them good hands and she has a very happy vibe! Love the videos

    1. @RyyGaming hell yeah $100 tip for one hour cant complain about that

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