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106 Thoughts to “Maaş günü 2de offshore kumarhane

  1. umm because they are racist? seems quite obvious.

  2. Shit I’ll go to any restaurant that has English labels rather than tryna read something I don’t know

  3. I think they just dont like weeaboos that type really fast on their keyboard and breath really heavy while being offended. (ff reference)

  4. Why japaneses dont like foreigners?
    Because many behave like Logan Paul

  5. Many of these apply somewhat to Sweden too. And many foreigners, especially not from Europe. Do not respect anything.

  6. me an Algerian : i … i dont see the problem, huh?

  7. 2:22 why are you squatting in the middle of the stairs?

  8. Better to be arrogant to be respected immediately by the peasants

  9. When I visited Japan, Japanese often were approching me and asking questions like Where are you from? and Do you like Japan. I have mostly positive experiences with locals and felt very welcome. 🙂

    1. @70 7 Yes Im Caucasian. But they were curious and some might have stared at me, because Im a gaijin obviously (Tall and red hair). I dont think they will judge you, because you are dark-skinned. Often its not the look but the behavior you show, like breaking their rules or beeing impolite (also unintended), what makes them judge. They are usually nice to tourists. It would be something entirely different, if you live in Japan. Ive heard its difficult for some people with dark skin color. Which is unfortunate.
      I hope you wont get judged or anything else when you visit Japan and you can enjoy your stay.
      If you are feeling stared at, then dont take it to your heard. It might be curiousity only.

    2. This might sound so racist but are you white? I’m brown and my family is planning to come to Japan to take a vacation but I’m worried I might get judged for my skin. Will people judge me because I’m brown? Just curious I want to tell my mom before going there I don’t want strangers to stare at me.

  10. They dont like to interact with strangers
    do not worry for i am German and we also hate it

  11. Oh boy, in most of Eastern Europe children are taught to keep the off hand under the table. Keeping both hands on the table is bad maners.

  12. I think we Germans would along quite nicely in Japan😊 except with wearing white socks in sandals😂

  13. so basically ive always been a nigerian Japanese they are like me <3

  14. We allow them in our country how cheeky! Shut the uk 🇬🇧 borders to every race.

  15. Hmm, #9 Talking to Someone in Line: True while in Japan, not so true while standing in line with other Japanese at tourist spots in other countries. Ive had wonderful conversations in Japanese with other Japanese tourists while standing in line for museums in Paris. My conversion always started with a question to others この美術館の並んでいますか。 何時に開いっているでしょうかと言う質問を聞いていました。そしたら、並んでいる間に会話を始まりました。anyway, good for people to know.

  16. I dont think Japanese people are closed to culture, of course they value their own culture, but at the end of the day, most of what Japanese people eat is Western food. We love western sweets, we use Japanese English a lot, and we have a simple admiration for Europe.
    Where did you see the cold and arrogant attitude? Most Japanese people dont hate foreigners. They just dont like that they are a little shy and speak poor English. I like to be as warm as possible. At least Ive never found my friends to be arrogant at all. The next time you interact with a Japanese person, I will do my best to be hospitable so that you wont feel that way.

  17. I go to japan atleast once a year & im mexican, i have always been treated so nice. I love it there. I have only experienced one racist moment, but it was just some older people who were just talking about me, little did they know I understand & speak japanese as well lmao but other than that i have alwaya been treated with kind & respect

  18. Ive neve had that experience in Japan. This video is bullshit.

  19. If you enter a store that Japanese people can enter, you wont enter a lossy store.

  20. Its not true #! Japanese people love foreigner ! Ive heard this from many of my japanese friends or the foreign people who live in japan !

  21. Bruh… Im American, grown up here, and been here all my life (22 yrs so far), and have BEEN doing these things. 😂 Its literally just common courtesy for others- Idk why MOST Americans find that to be such a problem. I actually find it laughable (and not in the good way) that we lack simple manners for other human beings. Here (depending where u are in the states of course), If ur actually polite and respectful, most ppl will make u out to be a bi**h or think something is wrong with u. 🙄 I just wish I wasnt scared to death of planes and earthquakes, I would make EVERY effort to move to Japan and stay there too. 😂💯

  22. I fucking hate ppl like this, I’m an outgoing guy and this is a seriously problem that they should change if they want to improve their young generation

  23. 2:59海外の人が道を塞ぐの見たことない、邪魔だなって思ってもすぐ気づいて

    1. 負け犬感漂っててw日本人が精神自立してないならお前の国はどうなるの。

  24. A lot of these should be international not just Japanese

  25. Hello I have a question! So my mom and I are planning to go on a trip to Japan! The only thing I can say in Japanese is to introduce myself. So what to do if you can’t speak Japanese but you don’t want to go to tourist restaurants! How do we have to communicate with the people there! Thank you <3

  26. well, we dont like japanese too… or japan, everything is too commercialized anyway.

  27. After watching this vid
    Me: sees restaurant

    Restaurant: Has an English menu

    Also me: *Its 100% a trap* XD

  28. Мультикультура возможна только в широком пространстве земного шара, как сумма монокультур государств. Как одноцветные камушки составляют многоцветную мозаику. Но в тесном пространстве государства мультикультура прявляет механизм самоуничтожения, культуры взаимно уничтожаются, остаётся только одна из них. Посмотрите на Донбасс, Кривбасс, Кузбасс – туда съехались представители многих культур, но где сейчас эти культуры? Там сейчас только русскоязычная монокультура. Даже в Киеве не своя, украинская, а русскоязычная монокультура, а украинская где-то на задворках. Сейчас в Европе ещё не так много негров, арабов, индийцев, но когда их будет много, они скажут, что им не нужен, немецкий, французский, испанский язык, им удобнее будет английский язык, и тогда в Европе будет не мультикультура, а даже не своя, а привнесённая англоязычная монокультура. Перед нами выбор: либо мировая англоязычная монокультура, либо в каждой стране своя моно, а не мультикультура, но эти монокультуры, как одноцветные камешки составляют многоцветную мозаику, будут составлять мировую мультикультуру.

  29. I am going to Vietnam instead! Thanks Paolo from Tokyo for changing my mind.

  30. In Japan, is there escalator etiquette?
    The easiest spot the tourist/undergrad in Toronto is if someone steps on an escalator and then just stops dead in the centre rather than stepping to the right to let people walk up the left. Its some sort of unwritten rule that if broken, will piss off the 6-10 people now stuck behind you.

    Im surprised a lot of these are similar to living here in Canada, even the tourist trap one. I never knew it was a thing for people to NOT clean up after themselves when eating somewhere too.

  31. I dont understand why foreigners are so afraid of the Japanese.
    Japanese people are the most quiet people in the world and they are not violent.

  32. Eh i had a really bad experience earlier so i go to the doctor to get examined and this doctor is yellin at me for nothing he told me to remove my shoe and i was removing it and he kept yelling at me to remove it 😂😅 so fucking unprofessional im unbothered by it but imagine that happening to someone who is mentally weak.

    My only advice is avoid boomer doctors/dentist they kinda hate gaijins.

  33. Im Japanese American, Born in America, Nationality Japan. I always go to Japan every year! Some of these facts are not true. We actually love foreigners coming from around the world. We love seeing more and more different Nationalities coming to one place! Manners are MANDATORY tho.

  34. I rather just stay in Canada lol Gave a like on the video also!

  35. Their shop owners are not fooling me with the cash only preference. They under-report their income.

  36. Number 7 is so not true, i had a part time job at yoshinoya, and as a waiter I had to do all the cleaning up after the customers

  37. Its the opposite in India. You should never keep you other hand on the table. Especially not the elbow.

    1. @krpo My Spider Senses tell me youre having a bad day. Hope it gets better.

    2. @Death At A Rave! “simp” my ass lmao get some bitches you sad fuck

    3. @Death At A Rave! don’t go to Japan then!! I’m sure no one wants you there 🙂

  38. I CANNOT CANNOT stand being late, Im always early.. It is a huge pet peeve. My husband is always running late or hits directly on time and it messes up my day. Ive been teaching him that hes going to game to change this. Im a 10-15min early type person.

    Please dont stand in the walk area, move to the side UGHHH, its common courtesy.. I always clean my table off and put things in one pile. I now get the mask wearing and will definitely start wearing one when I have a cold.. I also cannot stand loud talking either!! It just seems like learn to be courteous.. Cannot wait to leave the States and move to Bali!!

  39. why is it always you when i wanna surf about Japan.. youre not even Japanese

  40. Haha me reading the comments, and made me wonder, how great it would be if as youtubers, we could see the age range of all our commentators. Just thinking up a theory here. 🙏🏻😊

  41. In fact many Japanese are not interested in other people including foreigners. So if you are a foreigner who can adapt to the Japanese lifestyle, there is nothing wrong with that. However if you interfere with the rules of Japan or the Japanese even slightly there will be a backlash all together. Basically Japanese people are overwhelmingly conservative, so it is best to assume that the opinions of foreigners will not be listened to.

  42. ×Japanese people hate foreigners.
    (Some people do hate and we cannot deny it but…)
    〇Japan is by nature very homogeneous so that Japanese people rarely have an opportunity to interact with foreigners and our English education is not as good as other countries which resulted most of Japanese people to find it difficult to convert messages in English. I assume that many foreigners think like this misunderstand that the reason why Japanese people cannot response is because they are racist. The simple fact is that many of us do love foreign people but most of us are ignorant to the use of English and are not used to communicate with foreign people because only 2% of national population is consisted of from foreigners. Please do not misunderstand these points and I look forward to welcome you guys to Japan!

  43. No squatting!!! Unless you are in a traditional restaurant or home and you are forced to squat.

  44. These comments are literally proving the title’s point wtf is wrong with all of you

  45. So basically Sweden is like Japan, but with less masks and less cash.

  46. I don’t think people should be judged for going to tourists trap restaurants. Sometimes foreigners are home sick or frustrated with a foreign life and they just don’t want things to be easier for a short period of time!!

  47. Too much foreigners will mess up their own culture and they will push their own selfish agenda that has nothing to do with Japan

  48. I am currently learning japanese etiquette language, ect. I love how japan looks and how convenient it can be. Ive never been there but it sounds amazing and its my dream to go there!

  49. Japan: punctuality is very important

    Germany: Hold my atomic timing device

  50. I had an amazing time when i was there . Very polite friendly people🤷🏻‍♀️❤️ ps they will hate Italy 🇮🇹 then because here people exactly the opposite 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  51. when Japanese people say we like foreigners, heads up, they mean Caucasians lol

  52. I can totally empathize with the Japanese wearing face masks. I have a primary immune deficiency and I feel the very same way when I am at a doctors office or in the hospital and despite the signs saying if you are experiencing symptoms of the _____ (flu, etc., Im talking pre-Covid), please wear a mask and the people who are very obviously ill do not. This is especially troubling to me at places like infusion centers where ALL of the people who are receiving treatment are immunocompromised or immunosuppressed (usually on chemo) … and still people and even receptionists and nurses (some doctors too!) will outright refuse to wear a mask. the whole no mask movement here in the US right now is equally frustrating because I know from my many friends in India and surrounding countries that they are being hit HARD, and I think it is just disrespectful.

  53. Top one reasons Japanese dont like foreigners :
    1) Logan Paul

  54. For the cleaning up after you eat thing my mom and I do this and we where born in the US, it is one of the things that we both do because we try to think of the person that has to clean it and I know most people in the US do not do this

  55. Japan seems legit for living. Wonder if i can meet a japanese girl and marry her. 🤔

  56. My biggest mistake. Visiting my friends parents home, getting drunk on sake, walking into kitchen wearing slippers designated for the toilet….AAAAAAGH! Gaijin!!!!

  57. Im from Bosnia and here you can eat wherever you want,on the street,on the couch you can basically do whatever you want

  58. #3. Damn so youre saying I cant stand in the middle of a busy footpath holding up everyone like a giant twat?

  59. Because Japanese are very boring they don’t enjoy the life look like they are always in depression

  60. Yes, Im sure the Japanese will tell us everything… The ones known for being shy and polite.

  61. Im not Japanese, but the talking to someone randomly part is so relatable!! Not talking to strangers (unless for directions or untied shoelaces etc.) has always been part of my life. However, as I arrived in North America, its so different! Most cashier staff loves talking to customers, but I just want to buy my stuff and leave. :/

  62. Ive seen a bunch of japanese people squatting I dont wanna hear that they hate squatting bs lol.

  63. All Ive seen is Japanese people constantly on their phones so of course they dont have a conversation with others

  64. Anyone here from Japan in the comment section?

    Ive got a question to ask do high school kids go up to roof of their school building to have lunches during lunchtime? Just wanted to know 😊

  65. Japan has so many useless stupid rules and of course people are fed up and commit suicide JAPANESE JUST STOP !

  66. Wow all what he says is true. he told us almost everything. But in addition, you should practice Japanese. Japanese people are generally not good at speaking English, so theyre nervous about foreigners. So its better to memorize some Japanese phrases.

  67. I live in the Netherlands and when I’m coming back from school on my bike some random guy I dont even know just starts to talk to me and thats like super awkward.

  68. Simple reason as to why: MOST Americans have no consideration for others and lack SELF-RESPECT- 2 of the MAJOR (idk what u call its) for Japan culture. I guess necessities or basic behaviors?

  69. As a Muslim tourist, it’s hard to randomly picking japanese restaurant and eat there, because we couldn’t eat pork.

    So i have to go to restaurant that have english menu, with that i can assure they didnt have any pork on the menu.

    But usually i will open google maps on the area i want to go (before coming to japan) and looking for menu and read reviews to make sure they didnt sell any pork. With this i could minimize tourist trap and get decent price (around 800-1200 jpy/meal).

  70. Thanks for these videos now I know that I should never go to Japan

  71. Putting your off hand under the table is bad manners here too!! (Germany btw)
    Its an old superstition, if you can see both hands, they cant poison you.

    But all of these rules can be applied to Germany too, funny enough(except the tourist traps). Just show common sense and courtesy and youre probably good to go. Be considerate of others and dont bother nobody if you dont need help. Just be polite!

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